More knights of the Lost Crusade

At last, here is the next part of that unit of skeletons, bringing them up to 25 plus 4 dograts. All that is needed now is a standard bearer. And 10 more skeletons to make a horde.

141030 lost crusaders 3 141030 lost crusaders 4

and then this thing, a “Battered Skeletal Troll” from Chainmail, the 90s metal D&D miniatures line from Wizards of the Coast: If my memory serves me right.

141030 skeletal troll

In other news, I have recently bought a new airbrush as the old one had not survived many years of storage in a damp cellar.

Then I had to remodel my little room of minis (=mancave) so now I can actually use said airbrush when the urge takes me.

So now most of the (rather many) prepped minis are primed and ready to paint!

Knights of the Lost Crusade

Lots of prep the last few weeks, as the second wave of Deadzone arrived.


So I have painted 10 more skeletal footknights of the Lost Crusade, bringing the total up to a massive 15 models including the test subjects I did some time back!


These are so quick and easy to do. I really like the old Mantic plastic undead.

141014 lost crusaders 2

What exactly does that bird find in there to eat?

141014 lost crusaders 1 141014 lost crusaders 10

apart from these an additional 10 are in the pipeline. Maybe I also will take a swing at the mounted knights that are sitting around in a drawer? And suddenly I might actually have an army?


They also have some Dogs (Or Are They Rats?)

141014 dogs or are they rats

Love those little critters to bits.

And thems’ Good Drybrushin’!

Time for a couple of quickly drybrushed big’uns! These are great for easy drybrushing! Excellent detail and sculpting.


140913 lesser obsidian golem 1140913 lesser obsidian golem 1b

Mantic Abyssal Dwarf Lesser Obsidian Golem #1 of 3.

from the Kings of War Kickstarter. 50mm base. A heap of rock come alive.



140913 demon 5140913 demon 1 140913 demon 2 140913 demon 3

Reaper Bones 77112: Agramon, Pit Fiend

From the Bones 1 kickstarter. 50mm base. The Bones material is really at its best with larger figures that have deep detailing, such as this one. The parts are thick enough so it is not really bendy and stands up to heavy brushwork.


The rest of the Plague Mooks, and Space Hulk!

Not much getting finished lately, too much other stuff going on.

But at least the Deadzone Plague 3rd gen mooks are all done, here are the latest:

140913 plague mooks 1

Now how to get the heavies primed without any spraycans left?


Space Hulk is being re-released! Yay!

Seems time to get the last version actually done then…


Speed paint Genestealer, take 1:

140913 SH genestaler test 1 140913 SH genestaler test

oh yes, obvious reference to the Genestealer’s true inspiration there…

all in all, this is really quick to do. black undercoat, brown drybrush, grey drybrush details, two tone grey claws, teeth and stripes on head. Gloss varnish on head and claws. Base drybrushed steel, then reddish brown and washed with darktone ink. And Robert’s your father’s brother.

Next to set up the assembly line and get the whole lot done in an evening or two.



A Game of Clones -Dreadball Zee team done.

How many bad pun ape/monkey/chimp/primate/clone names can we come up with before settling on a name for this team?


140825 zee team

Ryse of the Planet of the Apes? The Similar Simians? 12 Monkeys? Jacta Alea Apes? Legionem Simiarum? Insane Clone Posse?

Seems like getting the Jack-yellow on the bases smooth took longer than actually painting the minis. Then again, there are quite a few of them.


Off the shelf: Reaper Bones, Deadzoners, another Mantic Werewolf

So the first weekend after being back from the summer holiday I had some hours to spare and have finished the following:


140817 bugbear front140817 bugbear side140817 bugbear back

Reaper Bones Bugbear. This one has been sat half done on the shelf for quite some time now. Gah!

I do seem to have accumulated quite a few of these larger ones. I am thinking of putting together an ogre army.


140817 plague grunts

Three Deadzone Plague generation 3s. Here is the loader from the mortar squad, the grenade launcher and a standard mook. So now I have a massive 4 mooks and 2 dogs finished. There are four more mooks (and a mortar) still on the shelf. The gen 1 and 2s, terrorton and swarm are not even primed yet. I have run out of spray can primer, and have decided to see if I can get my 20 year old airbrush to live again. so I have ordered a bottle of vallejo airbrush primer. I do seem to have an awful lot of unprimed minis lying around, and if I am able to make a workable booth for airbrushing I might just be free of both weather constraints and the far too expensive spray cans.

Also finished is the second of the Deadzone Mercenaries:

140817 nastanza

The Eldar Asterian Nastanza, the Twilight Huntress.

I am not really painting the mercenaries in any particular order. Got one of the Squats Forge Fathers (is it still a Forge Father when it is female? Or are they then called Forge Mothers?) on the half painted shelf.


I fancied painting something simple and brown today


140817 clay golem 1 140817 clay golem 2

Reaper Bones Clay Golem.

The pants actually have a different base colour although this is not really evident in the pictures. The flash tends to wash out many of the colour variations.


140817 werewolf brown

The third Mantic Werewolf.

This was painted in parallell with the golem, but used different mixes of the same browns, and had a different base coat. IRL they are not as similar as in the pictures. Simple but effective paint jobs.


Also I have been working on the zee team, but they are not quite ready yet. It takes ages to get smooth enough yellow borders on the bases.