February Painting Resolution, chapter 14. That’s all folks!








14. Drake the Dragon Wargame

150225 Drake Mystics Terrax 1a150225 Drake Mystics Terrax 1c 150225 Drake Mystics Terrax 1b

Drake the Dragon Wargame: Terrax of The Mystics faction.

Not much to say about it really. Terrax is a type of Dragonkin, a smaller breed of dragons that are servants to the true dragons that rule the Drake world of Dara.

Drake was a kickstarter that delivered one wave of nice minis (with many teething problems, but nice anyhow), then did another kickstarter and disappeared with all the money, ponzi-style. I do not expect to hear any more from them. Too bad, the concept was really good and with some work could have been a viable game.

40mm base, metal miniature.


This is the last one, and that fulfills this months resolution. Yay! Two months down, ten to go!

Now to ponder what kind of resolution to do for March. Do X amount of miniatures? Complete such and such squads? Do specific types of minis such as in February? Maybe manufacturers I have not done before?

…right now, I tend towards completing some squads. Get something ready for the table, just in case I actually would get to play some games. Which totally might happen. Yeah.


February Painting Resolution, chapters 11-13, plus new look DreadBall bases!

Closing fast on the target for February:

11. Shadows of Brimstone

150224 brimstone strangler 1a150224 brimstone strangler 1b

The Brimstone Strangler! Not a Blue Horror at all. No, sirree!

The Strangler is one of the weaker Void monsters from The Shadows of Brimstone: City of Ancients board game.

I quite like these chaps. They are both chewy and strangular!  And eminently usable in a variety of roles in a variety of games. And there are six of them in the set.

The details are a bit soft, but perfectly serviceable.

25mm base, hard styrene / HIPS plastic.


12. All Quiet on the Martian Front

150224 AQMF human prey 1b150224 AQMF human prey 2

Flee the Red Weed!

For those who do not know, All Quiet on the Martian Front is a relatively new game made by Alien Dungeon, written by Rick Priestly, Alessio Cavatore and Ernie Baker. It was kickstarted about two years ago, and have delivered two massive waves of product, with a third still in yet to come. The setting is ca. 1910. The second Martian Invasion (the events of the first was described in the novel The War of the Worlds by HG Wells) has taken place, and half of the USA has fallen to the implacable Martians and their damnable tripods. The game is 15mm (more like 18mm) scale and features American steam-driven early tanks, motorcycles with tow-hooks, dougthy doughboys, and Land Iron Clad Battleships in desperate battle with the Martian Tripods for dominion of the Earth. Plus the British Expeditionary Force lending a hand with their more advanced weaponry, retro-engineered from the martian tech left behind when the germs killed off the first invasion some years earlier.


My first base of Human Prey, which are Fleeing Civilians ca 1910. Apparently the dominant female fashion of the well-to-do in the US of that era was rather austere and muted colours. Nothing to gaudy.

In game the Human Prey don’t really have any specific functions they are not part of any army. They are however great as objectives for scenarios.

The Red Weed is some red (actually a rather too bright orange) clump foliage / torn up bits of colored foam.

15mm scale metal minis on a 40mm base.


13. Grendel Productions

150224 grendel olmec

Some old Olmec Ruined Heads I had lying around. I seem to remember that there was a fourth piece to this set, a taller version of the totem-thingy. I could not seem to find it.

In the late 1990s the small Scottish company Grendel Productions made a lot of great scenery items in resin (and also a great Fantasy game called Leviathan that featured massive resin Orc Dinosaur-like Beasts, Elven Demons (elves were not particularly good natured in that world), human barbarians riding giant hogs, and Dwarven Steam-Mechas and such. Ah, the fun we had! Grendel went bust over something like printing massive amounts of boxes for a certain very well known card game, and not getting paid. Typical, as all good things must come to an end.

Nowadays I think many of the items are still available from “Scotia Grendel”.

I bought a lot of their sets back in the day, some of which are still unpainted. I intend to rectify this.

I had originally intended to paint up a nifty watch tower from Grendel rather than these, but it was leaning quite a bit, and broke while I tried to do a quick fix. Now it will need a slow fix instead. Including but not limited to a built-up base to fix the worst of the leaning.

These are painted using “Cavern stone” three colour acrylic paint set from Paintworks, a one-man paint company I supported on Kickstarter a while back. Their gimmick was making paint sets specifically for terrain. The paint seems quite good. I am quite pleased with the result, and am looking forward to trying the paints out on some more stuff.


Bonus: DreadBall bases sporting a new look!

150224 dreadball tree beast 2a 150224 dreadball warden fisk

I have long been debating myself what to do with the DreadBall bases, as there were unsightly gaps around the integral bases of the minis when I used the hexagonal bases. I tried to fill them and paint the bases black, but it still was not a pretty sight as I could not sand properly around the feet of most minis, ruining the smooth effect. So now I have used black scatter material. 

Much better!

Even though the pitch is supposed to have a smooth surface, I think this just works better on the minis.

I will keep this style going forward, and maybe even redo all the bases of my finished Zzor, Robots and Zee teams.

Febuary Painting Resolution, chapters 9-10, plus bonus figures!

Still on target for February:

9. Mars Attacks:

150215 MA martian grunt

Ack Ack We-Come-in-Peace Ack Ack Ack! **Zzap**


Mantic Mars Attacks Martian Grunt

This is the test piece for the paint job. The colour scheme turned out to be quite quick and easy (thank god for that!)

This mini is one piece PVC slightly soft plastic (a bit like Bones, but stiffer), I have actually not had to cut off any mould lines apart from on the sides of the base (high five!). I quickly decided to treat these more like board game pieces or toys than minis and not bother with what little mould lines there are. I am actually quite impressed with the quality considering the material.

25mm base, PVC.


10: Deadzone:

150215 Deadzone Rebs trooper150215 Deadzone Rebs trooper 1


Mantic Deadzone: Rebs human trooper

I started out trying to be reminiscent of the Rebel troopers defending Leias ship in the beginning of Star Wars, but that did not turn out well. What followed was a slightly too fast repaint. At least it is not in any colour scheme any of the other factions will have… and rebs being such a diverse collections of individuals, I am going to do them in wildly different outfits / paint schemes anyway. This one will be called George.

25mm base, restic.


Bonus minis!

Bonus round 4:

150215 DX Warden

Dreadball Xtreme Prison Warden Sponsor

also known as Wilson Fisk, esquire.

The base is not actually finished, I am waiting for some black scatter I have ordered.


Bonus round 5:

150215 WFB Wraith 1 150215 WFB Wraith side

 Warhammer Fantasy Battles Old School Wraith

Cause I just love those classic Warhammer sculpts. And wonder how on earth this one did not fall over all the time on the microscopic 20mm base it was packaged with.

30mm base, white metal.


Bonus Round 6:

150215 mantic half-zombies

3 Half-Zombies

Mantic Zombie and Ghoul parts. And the lower half of a corporation trooper.

Round 25mm, square 20mm bases. Plastic and Restic.

And singing: a One -Two -Three, a la dee dee, Eric the half zombieeee!


Febuary Painting Resolution, chapters 4-8 + 3 bonus minis!

Staying on target for Februrary:

4. Warhammer Fantasy Battles:

150209 Oldhammer Ogre Gladiator 150209 Oldhammer Ogre Gladiator 5 150209 Oldhammer Ogre Gladiator 4  150209 Oldhammer Ogre Gladiator 2 150209 Oldhammer Ogre Gladiator 3

Warhammer Fantasy old school Ogre Gladiator. I love the old Jes Goodwin Ogre models. So much character!

40mm base, white metal.


5. Warhammer 40.000

150209 Space Hulk Genestealer

Space Hulk / Warhammer 40.000 Tyranid Genestealer. Painted in the same vein as one I did earlier, this is an exeptionally speedy speedpaint, only taking a few minutes to finish. Several others are on the “assembly line” waiting for some paint to come their way.


6. Finish something that currently stands around half-done on the shelf of shame

150209 Sedition Wars Hexen Phaedra and strain

Sedition Wars Hexen Phaedra normal and infeced version.

Who doubles as a coach for my Team Toasters Robot Dreadball team. Hexen Phaedra is obviously a homage to Caprica Six from Battlestar Galactica.

Too bad that Studio McVey messed up the scale on many of the wave 2 minis like these. They are far to small and spindly.

These would have been easier to paint with a white or grey undercoat rather than black.

20mm bases, restic.

7. Dreadball

150209 Dreadball Extreme Treeman 1 150209 Dreadball Extreme Treeman

Dreadball Xtreme Avaran Treebeast.

The first of the DBX free agent minis to be painted. The colour variations are not really visible in the pictures.

Green base edges as it is a Jack.


8. Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster:

150209 Sedition Wars strain zombie a1 150209 Sedition Wars Hexen strain zombie a2

Sedition Wars Battle for Alabaster Strain Infected A.

Basically your space zombie mutant thing, it is part machine, part necrotic tissue, all terrifying mutant monster thing.



Bonus round 1:

150209 Wargames Factory Skeleton Warrior

Wargames Factory Skeleton Warrior.

Test piece. The Wargames Foundry skeletons are really nice, but the parts are thin and the joints only points. The right arm keeps falling off!

I painted this simply by undercoating in bone, and Soft quickshade ink. Then some light grey for teeth. Nothing more.

Good thing this very simple paint job works, I do not think it would have stood up to drybrushing at all. The right arm kept falling off as it was.


Bonus Round 2:

150209 reaper bones canine from 77176 Familiars 150209 reaper bones canine from 77176 Familiars 2

Reaper Bones canine from 77176: Familiars pack. I did this one as a fox, even though it obviously is a large dog or a smallish wolf. 20mm mantic base.

Bonus Round 3:

150209 reaper bones fire sprite from 77196 Familiars 2 front 150209 reaper bones fire sprite from 77196 Familiars 2

Reaper Bones Fire Sprite from 77196: Familiars 2 pack.

A smaller version of the medium fire elemental.

How to paint a scorched earth base:

Actually quite simple.
A layer of fine sand is glued down with thinned pva.

When dry, paint entire sanded area with very dark brown, almost black ink or thinned dark brown ditto paint. Pure black should be fine as well for this.

Wait until dry and then wait some more to make sure. Some sand always loosens when the paint is wet.

Then dry brush in “rings”following the curve of the base. I did yellowy bone colour first, on the middle two thirds or so, with less on the outermost part.

The bone is a base coat that gives strength to the next coat, bright yellow. I often use bone under yellows (and brown under golds, blue under silver etc)

The outer part is drybrushed green.
Then the middle part is drybrushed yellow, orange and red
The inner part stays the blackish brown. Touch up with thinned black where needed.

And that is that.


Resolutionary Painting Challenge: February. Chapters I, II, and III

This month I have decided to try to not only actually get something painted, but also to try to do several different kinds of miniatures, and chip away at the Mountains of Miniatures Madness by painting at least one of each from the following categories:

Reaper Bones, Oathsworn, All Quiet of the Martian Front, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40.000, Kings of War, Deadzone, DreadBall, Mars Attacks, Shadows of Brimstone, Sedition Wars, Drake, Grendel Productions something or other, and to finish something that currently stands around half-done on  the shelf of shame,

So, at least 14 miniatures, several of which will be large and/or multiple pieces. An average of 3,5 minis a week, or one every two days. Should be doable. Unless I go off on a tangent again.

At any rate, here’s off to a good start:


050207 Reaper Bones 77166 Balto Burrowell, Gnome Wizard 1 050207 Reaper Bones 77166 Balto Burrowell, Gnome Wizard b 050207 Reaper Bones 77166 Balto Burrowell, Gnome Wizard c 050207 Reaper Bones 77166 Balto Burrowell, Gnome Wizard d

Reaper Bones 77166: Balto Burrowell, Gnome Wizard. Painted for the Reaper Forums Beauty Pageant that ends tonight. I cut off the outstretched hand and rotated it to make it more metal. He is seriously giving someone the ol’ Stinkeye there. 20mm base.


150207 oathsworn shambling mound 1 150207 oathsworn shambling mound 2

Oathsworn Shambling Mound, from their “Oathsworn Heroes” kickstarter. I chose to forgo the resin base for a more overgrown one. I had not envisioned this to be the first Oathsworn mini I was to finish, but there you are.Also, I named this one Alec. 50mm base.


150207 mantic undead dog walkies 1 150207 mantic undead dog walkies 2

150207 mantic undead dog walkies 3


Mantic Kings of War Undead Dog Handler, the kickstarter exclusive mini from the first Kings of War kickstarter. Made in restic, those mould lines are such a bitch to get rid of. For some reason, the dog handler has a distict piratey feel to it. Maybe its the cutlass.

The base consists of two 20mm mantic bases glued together. The mantic bases are actually slightly bevelled, leaving a gap and a slightly uneven base when glued together like this. I imagine it will not be visible when put in a unit.

Space Hurps and the Resolutionary Painting Challenge; January!

So the new years resolutions are as follows: 1. Not to buy any miniatures (ebay or otherwise) apart from kickstarters unless said miniatures are funded by my own ebay sales. So far, so good. Have bought the one box of the old mantic space zombies conversion set and today I received a set of Wargames Factory Skeleton Warriors. Sadly this was the first version of them, with all the little minisprues, and there were supposed to be 77 minisprues and 30 bases in the box, to make 30 Jason and the Argonauts-style true-scale skeletons and leftover weapons. However, there were only 20 of the minisprues in the box, and no bases. Can barely make 6 skeletons with what arrived. Luckily, the dealer has responded quickly and says they are going to send me equivalent to the missing bits. So no harm done. I hope. and 2. Paint some minis every month.This one tied in nicely with the resolutionary painting challenge over on the reaper forum. Namely, to paint at least 4 miniatures during the month. Doesn’t sound too hard does it? Problem is, between Bordlerlands the Pre-Sequel (far too many hours playing that. It’s just so much fun!), the large amount of prepwork on the 10,5 kilos of All Quiet on the Martian Front wave 2 (That’s 10 kilos of 15/20mm scale metal infantry, light vehicles, artillery, resin tanks -and the Land Iron Clad) I will post about that at a later date) and the first wave of Shadows of Brimstone arriving (Cowboys and Tentacles! The Horror is Unspeakable!) (ditto). with all that prepwork, and the converting of space hurps-ridden zombies, I haven’t actually had time to paint anything beyond basecoats and playing around with zenithial priming with my airbrush.

The old Mantic Space Zombie set was a “expert level” conversion set, with some sprues of their HIPS plastic fantasy zombies and ghouls, and a pack of 10 corporation soldiers in restic to cut up and mix and match enough to make 30 in all! I also mixed in a few sprues of the new Mantic Sci-fi Plague Zombies (that actually are slightly larger and more “heroically” proportioned than the old ones). Suddenly I had around 50 or so shuffling around my table…

but I digress.

150126 space hurps

Here is the first four of the guards and workers that contracted Space Hurps, and have gone a little…cannibalish.

These are mostly fantasy zombie parts, with the two right ones having parts from the new sf zombie sprue. A restic weapon arm and soldier head was used on the two leftmost.

The paint job:

It is said speed kills, but I believe these zombies were mostly dead.

Speedpainting zombies: undeadcoated black, with zenithal light grey (basically airbrushed from an angle of about 1 to 2 o’clock and 10-20cm away, to get a preshaded effect.

Painted with a sandy beige skintone, then quickly drybrushed with a bronzed, then pinkish skintone. Pants and cloth in brown and bluegrey.  Military uniform bits in olive green. then some gore, messily “wetbrushing” (a variant of drybrush using thinned paint and that is not wiped too much off) with red and purple. Ginger hair for the one that isnt bald.

Slather in Army Painter Strong Tone Ink (not the dip). When dry, final details. A quick and very dry drybrush with greybrown, wetblend the visor in turquioses, blue in blue eyes (maybe thay are spice addicts as well?) and blacken the cursed sun hands and exposed feet for that gangrenous feel.

and then there is/was resolution number

3.  Try to complete a project / set of minis / squad before starting another. I am rather flighty, and have many different projects started that really are going nowhere…

For this one, I tried to do a lot of prepwork before christmas, so as to free up time to get some painting in. However this one is already broken. Too many Kickstarters delivered around New Year. First World Problems ahoy! Bah Humbug!

But I have at least made a great deal of headway in prepping both the All Quiet (which took a LONG time to clean up enough to start sticking things together) and both sets of Shadows of Brimstone. The minis are really nice, but sadly rather soft in the details.

Slow going

Yet another week of not much hobby time.

The first wave of Dreadball Extreme has arrived!

I must say I am impressed by the quantum leap they have managed with the restic minis!

Very little flash of mold lines and what was there was easy to carve off. Still can’t scrape though.
Only figure with any amount of mold lines was the plant.thing, which really was not that bad either.

Details were sharp and crisp figures were good looking and cleaning the close to 50 minis I got was done in an hour or so! Only got 24 bases with the shipment though.

Here’s to hoping they can keep this level of quality in all things in the future.

Even the scenery bits went together without any glue, and had absolutely no flash to clean off at all!


Apart from that, I finished up a few models:

141220 werewolf Fa 141220 werewolf Fb

a Mantic Werewolf in a slightly different colour scheme…



141220 werewolf D141220 werewolf E

and a couple more in more boring conventional colours.


141220 plague gen 2 b 141220 plague gen 2 c

And the last two second generation plague warriors (or whatever they are called) from Deadzone. Just the big first gen to go, then I have a fighting force.

At any rate, these were all rather quick to do.