May resolution

For my May resolution, I have decided to try to get some of the following done:

1. finish the Mars Attacks! martian grunt and marine squads. It turns out that I had not noticed there was a difference, and mixed the two types in the first squad I painted. So that is 10 minis there.

2. Do some more of the SciFi Zombies. Maybe 10 or so there as well. Still got 30-40 left unpainted.

3. Finish the Reaper Skeleton Giant “diorama”/ unit base thingy I built ages ago.

4. Get started on the Oathsworn Dwarfs.

5. Do some of the Hell Dorado minis I have lying about.

6. Ditto DreadBall and / or DeadZone.

6. Prepare some more Bones 2 minis. Maybe even get to paint one or two.

7, Finish some of the many incomplete minis still on the Shelf of Shame.

Problem is, I have just started redecorating my house, and that will probably take most of my free time the next couple months. So maybe I will only get the time for a few of those. We will see.

I have started small:

150503 hell dorado Jinx A 150503 hell dorado Jinx B 150503 hell dorado Jinx C

1. Jinx from Hell Dorado, Demon faction.

That is one creepy baby! I imagine this hellspawn would be permanently accompanied by a soundtrack with dramatic cathedral organs and latin-chanting choir!

The base is a resin one I bought off Ebay some time ago.Do not remember the make, I think it is Micro Art Studio, but it might be Kromlech or similar. The “white hot” flames work better IRL than in the pictures.

Metal, 30mm base.

What I did today

Life gets in the way, and almost three weeks have flown past without anything done at all.

Today I finished the Reaper Bones 92620 Evil High Sea Priest from the second Bones KS. This would be the first mini from that KS I have done. This one was chosen as it is the featured mini for the first Bones 2 Beauty Pageant competition on the Reaper forums.

150426 reaper fushpriest A 150426 reaper fushpriest C 150426 reaper fushpriest B 150426 reaper fushpriest D

Struggled a bit with the OSL effect, as the light blueish white was rather chalky, and therefore needed to get thicker than I had intended, obscuring the colours beneath instead of tinting them. Oh, well. It looks better IRL than in the pictures though. I am fully aware that my crude and speedy painting style does not hold a candle against the kind of proud quality most other entrants show off, but I like to enter so others of indeterminate skill can see that they too might enter as well.

150426 brimstone stranglers green

A couple more of the Shadows of Brimstone Stranglers, bringing the total up to eight. This time I went for green as the primary colour.

150426 brimstone hungry dead f 1

and to use up more of the colour on my wet pallette I did this, one of the Hungry Dead from Shadows of Brimstone: The Swamps of Death set. The three Hungry Dead zombie-types are the most disappointing of the lot, with even softer detail than the rest. There are three different variants, four minis on each sprue, 12 hungry dead in total in the game. This female one is a single piece mini.

The Barsoom Brawlers and Drake Yeev Dragonkin.

One of the things I like about Mars Attacks!, is that they have no qualms about doing crossovers into other IPs.

So when Mantic was doing their Mars Attacks! kickstarter, they threw in an option to buy a Martian team for DreadBall, (and cards to use the Mars Attacks! factions in Deadzone as well Yay!).

150408 dreadball MA barsoom brawlers

Here is my Martian DreadBall team, The Barsoom Brawlers

aka the Emissaries of Peace Ack Ack Ack Ack.

As for all my DreadBall minis, I mark the bases’ threat zones (and one panel on the back side so I can see what a given mini is when playing) Green for Striker, yellow for Jack, Red for Guard. Like traffic lights. I have also painted boots and gloves in similar colours.


150408 drake a 150408 drake b

a Yeev dragonkin from the Drake: the Dragon Wargame.

40mm base, metal.


So for April, I have been thinking about what to do for my resolutionary challenge.

First, I need to prep a lot of the new minis that have arrived, such as the second Bones kickstarter shipment. I also have the second wave of DreadBall Xtreme and the first wave of DUST totally untouched as of yet. Second. I want to go over a lot of the minis I already have primed black with a zenithal grey primer. I have already come to the conclusion that this is a great way to prime. Best of both worlds, so to speak.

But I broke my airbrush (screwed the nozzle a little too tight while cleaning it, breaking it in such a manner that half of the screw is stuck inside the airbrush thingy, and without the nozzle it only makes splatters. Oh well, a couple of cheap new ones have been ordered off ebay. So I am not getting any priming done at the moment.

And thirdly, I want to get some more painting done. To this end I think I might want to do something similar to Feburary, and do a load of different minis, and at least two DreadBall Teams.

I have not had a lot of hobby time these last couple of weeks, and most of what time I have had, has been spent prepping. Those Bones have mould lines that need carving off, bent bits to boil and unbend, and bases that need cutting.

But I have started to paint several minis, and even managed to finish two.


1: Reaper Bones 77020: Bathalian

150405 reaper bathalian prince john a150405 reaper bathalian prince john b 150405 reaper bathalian prince john d


First up is a Reaper Bones 77020: Bathalian painted as Prince John from Disneys Robin Hood


This is a pre-kickstarter Bones I got sometime in 2013. I have painted and repainted, based and rebased this mini several times, never being satisfied with it. Still not entirely happy, but there it is.

I made a rough Ermine collar and backpiece in green stuff, together with a rudimentary crown. And that is about where my green stuffing skills come to an end. Need to practice, practice, practice.

At any rate, this one is intended for the Reaper Forums “You’re Such a Character” competition, where we are to do a Reaper mini to “cosplay” some character or other.

30mm base, Bones.


2. Mantic Deadzone Marauder Mawbeast.

150405 Deadzone fleabag a150405 Deadzone fleabag b


This metal Marauder Mawbeast was delivered in the second wave, together with a bunch of characters all in metal.
This Mawbeast differs from the restic ones in the original Marauders set in that it does not have any techno-gubbins on it, nor the chainsaw blade in it’s mouth. It could equally well be used in a Fantasy setting.

At any rate, I thought it looked like a lion, what with the mane and all. So I painted it like one. Rawrr.

25mm base, metal


Mars Attacks!

For March I am still doing squads,

150322 mars attacks grunts squad

this one is from Mars Attacks, a squad of Martian grunts. 9 new ones, 1 finished previously.

I have not bothered with slicing off the mould lines on these. The results are actually acceptable anyhow.

25 mm integral bases. Softish PVC material.


Bonus round 5!

150322 dz freya 1150322 dz freya bak

Deadzone Mercenary: Freya, a  Forge Father (or is it supposed to be Forge Mother when they are female? That is a can of worms Mantic did not think of when they named their space dwarfs race!)

25mm base, restic

Bonus Round 6 and 7:

150322 dbx robot striker 150322 dbx robot guard

DreadBall Xtreme Free Agents: the two Jetari Training Robots, one a Striker and the other a Guard.

Hexbase, restic

The third for March

This week has seen little time for hobby, so I “cheated” by doing groups that were extra super fast to finish.


150315 rats

First the Reaper Bones 77016: Rats. 12 of them to be precise. These are cute little critters. Until you notice that they are the size of rather large dogs…and they are many, A shotgun only kills one at a time!

For some reason, I undercoated 9 if them white, and 3 black. I cannot for the life of me remember why I did this.

Based on Mantic 20mm square bases, bones.


secondly, continuing the cockroach cluster:

150315 cockroach cluster

10 more of the Space Hulk Genestealers. That makes 12 finished. I think there are 10 left to go. And the Terminators.

Integral bases, hard polystyrene plastic (HIPS)



No bonus minis this time.